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Advanced Distribution Planning: Planning for the Future Before the Future Plans for You


The investments that utilities are making today must position their organization to support renewable energy solutions, customer choice, energy storage, and a variety of other new or emerging technologies. Utilities must support those new ways of thinking about energy so that they can continue to thrive and survive.

But how does a utility take steps to understand what the future state will be? How do they respond to a range of future scenarios? System planners need to use today’s tools to plan for the uncertainty of tomorrow to maintain utility infrastructure, better allocate capital spending, and identify the most effective opportunities to support their customers.

There is an inherent risk to modernizing, but there is an equal risk to not planning for the future. Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how to take steps regain control of the planning process and allocate your spending to identify those areas that offer the highest probability of success for a utility.

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