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Solutions Designed for Your Needs

From industrial manufacturers to commercial businesses to public entities, Leidos has designed effective programs that deliver energy and costs savings. Commercial and industrial operations are increasingly complex, and it's important for organizations to be able to adapt to rapid shifts in business and technology to stay competitive. We offer multi-dimensional capabilities including:

  • Industrial energy efficiency
  • Strategic energy management
  • Incentive capture management
  • Energy Saving Performance Contracts
  • Real-time energy commissioning
  • Energy analytics and dashboards
  • Energy management and metering systems
  • Facility control systems
  • Assembly Management Systems (AMS)
  • Andon systems
  • Systems integration and controls

Effective Energy Programs

Customized for industrial and commercial businesses, such as:
Industrial Manufacturing Industry

Industrial Manufacturing

Leidos provides strategic manufacturing solutions to support and improve operations while minimizing costs, maximizing flexibility, and keeping systems current. Our systems integration solutions help clients visualize their processes with dashboard reporting; integrate systems and controls; enhance real-time energy performance management with analytic tools; reduce energy intensity and operating costs; analyze data for optimal decision making; and safeguard command control, and operational systems.

Commercial Business Energy


Leidos understands the energy challenges faced by commercial entities of all sizes. We’ve worked with some of the largest retailers in North America to help them identify, prioritize, and execute energy efficiency programs to realize their specific goals. Leidos’ AMPLIFY™ solution catalogs current rebate opportunities from more than 3,000 utilities so that companies can almost instantly run scenarios to identify what efficiency projects will garner the most rebates, highest energy savings, or fastest payback periods.

Public Building Energy

Public Buildings

Leidos helps government agencies and public organizations meet their energy and sustainability goals. From local municipalities and state-owned buildings to public-use buildings, we develop custom solutions based on the building’s footprint, energy costs, and target savings. Our team of experts can provide preliminary assessments and investment grade audits to identify potential energy saving measures and provide project financing through an energy saving performance contract.

Hospital Utilities and Energy


Leidos is a national provider of software and information technology (IT) services and products to hospitals and healthcare institutions. We leverage our depth of knowledge of the healthcare industry and our energy efficiency expertise to best tailor an implementation plan for each customer. We have many tools that can benefit the hospital segment including systems integration, energy data analytics, energy saving performance contracts and our AMPLIFY™ rebate processing platform.

university power energy utilities


Leidos has an extensive history of assisting universities to reduce their overall energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. With aging infrastructure requiring ongoing maintenance, many universities are looking for central plant and facility upgrades. Leidos has the expertise to review these large systems and facilities and identify opportunities to improve the overall learning environment. Most of these improvements can be funded through the use of energy saving performance contracts allowing the university to realize savings immediately.

Energy Solutions Tailored for Your Organization

Incentive Capture Management

Incentive Capture Management

Each year, more than 3,000 utilities across North America offer billions of dollars in energy efficiency rebates for their commercial and industrial customers. AMPLIFY™ helps commercial and industrial clients capture the most of these rebates. Organizations use AMPLIFY™ to quickly analyze utility rebates, energy savings, and payback periods to prioritize efficiency projects across any number of locations.


Flexible Manufacturing Systems

Flexible Manufacturing Systems

Manufacturers face increasing demands from customers, regulations, emerging technologies, and an evolving workforce all while attempting to reduce capital expenditures. Leidos helps companies meet the demands of the manufacturing environment by enabling agility and standardization as a fundamental aspect of business activities. We focus on self-sufficient solutions to allow customers to make vast changes through configuration - not programming - reducing time and costs required to meet flexible manufacturing challenges.


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