Investors & Developers

Insight to advance project development, improve assets, and grow portfolios.

Charting the path forward when developing, financing, or acquiring energy projects requires the clarity that comes from expert analysis of information founded in fact.

Objective Advice for Investors and Developers

The vitality of the competitive electricity and energy markets is linked to decisions developers, owners, and investors make every day, decisions that must balance the risks and opportunities of projects and assets. The success of projects and transactions depends on more than just risk identification – it requires pathways to risk management and mitigation. Leidos works with you to discern possible outcomes, weigh options, and formulate a reasoned approach to move forward. We bring this singular mindset to our work as independent engineer, market consultant, owner’s advisor, and transmission consultant.

Leidos serves the full range of sponsors, lenders, investors, and owners doing business in the energy industry, from private equity with diverse portfolios to institutional investors charged with preserving and growing capital, from regional banks to export credit agencies, and from multinational independent power producers to small partnerships holding a single asset. We align our work with the goals shared by our clients: to successfully develop, finance, acquire, own, and operate projects and companies.