Digital Utilities

Transform utility data into actionable insights.

The utility industry is in transition. As the confluence of information technology and operations technology creates new possibilities, utilities are looking to move from traditional approaches to implementing technologies that enable digital empowerment for smart utilities, customers, and communities.


Digital Technologies Empower Smart Utilities

As utilities transform their enterprises to meet modernization goals, they create opportunities for greater operational excellence. This new digital reality supports multiple goals – whether better serving ratepayers, ensuring reliability and safety, managing costs, or providing exceptional customer service.

Leidos uses digital, physical, and logical data to better understand connected customer needs and grid impacts, from outage optimization to distributed generation profiles and safety challenges. We help forward-thinking utilities secure critical systems, modernize infrastructure, and gain operational efficiencies through data collection, fusion, and analytics.

Our core service areas encompass:

  • Digital asset management
  • Smart grid & analytics
  • Advanced communications

According to the Edison Electric Institute, utilities invest more than $100 billion each year to build a smarter energy infrastructure.

Digital Asset Management

Electric utilities encounter significant challenges when it comes to accurately and effectively managing assets in widespread and often remote territories. Leidos offers a digital asset management solution for owners of geographically distributed assets that allows them to accurately model and remotely investigate equipment condition and performance.

Leidos is the exclusive North American partner for Roames® technology, a cloud-based solution that is transforming asset management by utilizing and fusing several data sources to streamline utility performance and grid picture accuracy. For electric utilities, the visualization, simulation, and analytics capabilities in the Roames® 3D virtual world allow clients to optimize their grid asset investment and maintenance decisions at the enterprise level.

Roames combines precise data collection with advanced machine learning, cloud-based analytics, and advanced business case algorithms to provide utilities with immediately actionable information.

  • Advanced data capture
  • 3D visualization
  • Asset management
  • Clearance management
  • Vegetation management


Advanced Communications

Leidos offers deep expertise in systems integration, sensors and controllers, machine communication, advanced analytics, network infrastructure, and cloud operations. Our lifecycle approach creates opportunity from complexity.

Our system integration approach is more than just interconnecting technologies. Through the use of proven methodologies, deep collaboration, technical expertise, and a vendor-neutral approach, we help our clients make sustainable long-term decisions.

By applying leading science, the right technologies, and business acumen, our forward thinkers are helping clients maximize their performance and take on the connected world with data-driven insights, improved efficiencies, and technology advantages.

  • IT/OT convergence strategy and design
  • System integration and controls
  • Software and data management
  • Energy management
  • Critical infrastructure communications and security
  • Integrated physical security
  • Technical advisory services
  • Design-Build / Turnkey services

Smart Grid & Analytics

Modernizing the grid is a weighty task. Leidos offers solutions that enable electric, gas, and water utilities to plan, design, deploy, optimize, and manage their smart grid infrastructure. From data and geospatial analytics to the management and control of assets, Leidos provides enterprise transformation solutions that help our clients accelerate benefits, reduce risk, achieve cost certainty, and focus on value.

Our smart grid solutions reduce barriers to change through scalable solutions. Our data analytics solutions enable our clients to extract more value from their data. And, our proven IT and business processes are tied to industry-leading best practices, assisting our clients in achieving their operational excellence goals.

  • AMI managed services and program management
  • Big data, analytics, and visualization
  • Systems engineering and integration
  • Enterprise asset and document management

The latest technologies can enable smarter and more connected utilities, customers, and communities.

Learn how.