Energy Efficiency Program Delivery

Implement innovative approaches to energy efficiency programs.

Leidos designs, implements, and manages performance-based energy efficiency and demand-side management programs across the U.S., from Hawaii to New York.


A Pioneering Leader in Energy Efficiency

Leidos has been an industry leader in the energy efficiency industry for more than 30 years, providing innovative solutions and progressive approaches to saving energy. Our full-service, turnkey energy efficiency and demand-side management program administration services have earned several awards from industry associations and the Climate Change Business Journal. Leidos has developed programs for utilities, state agencies, municipalities, and commercial entities with the same goals in mind: to provide an approach to energy efficiency and demand-side management programs that balances incentive levels, operational costs, and energy savings.

Leidos offers:

  • Proven savings – Real energy savings verified through third-party M&V contractors
  • Integrated approaches – Extensive capabilities beyond energy efficiency including technical analyses, policy guidance, and renewable integration
  • Real-time data management – Real-time application processing systems allow for more effective program management budgets and participation rates
  • Exceptional data analytics – Reviews of customer energy data and identification of the most compelling opportunities for energy efficiency

All of our programs deliver:

  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Ease of use and exceptional customer service
  • Technical acumen and engineering accuracy
  • Innovative solutions to maximize results

Watch how Leidos has helped one utility customer save energy:



Energy Efficiency Programs Across Industries

Commercial & Industrial

Commercial & Industrial

Leidos understands the energy efficiency challenges faced by commercial and industrial entities of all sizes. We’ve worked with some of the largest retailers in North America to help them identify, prioritize, and execute energy efficiency programs to realize their specific goals. Leidos’ AMPLIFY™ solution identifies current rebate opportunities from more than 3,000 utilities so that companies can almost instantly run scenarios to identify what efficiency projects will garner the most rebates, highest energy savings, or fastest payback periods.


Public Buildings

Public Buildings

Leidos offers technical assistance, benchmarking, and energy master planning that helps government agencies and public organizations overcome obstacles and meet their energy efficiency goals. From local municipalities and state-owned buildings to public-use buildings, we develop custom solutions based on the building’s footprint, energy costs, and target savings. Our team of experts provides preliminary assessments and investment grade audits to identify potential energy saving measures and provide project financing through an energy saving performance contract.



Leidos is a national provider of software and information technology (IT) services and products to hospitals and healthcare institutions. Healthcare facilities face the unique challenge of operating 24/7. We offer a comprehensive approach to helping these facilities manage their energy costs, and tailor customized implementation plans for each facility or campus. Through the use of systems integration, energy data analytics, energy saving performance contracts and our AMPLIFY™ rebate processing platform, Leidos serves this critical market with solutions that truly make a difference.




Leidos has an extensive history of assisting universities in reducing their overall energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, while also easing budget pressures. With aging infrastructure requiring ongoing maintenance, many universities are looking for central plant and facility upgrades, both to increase reliability as well as reduce energy costs. Leidos has the expertise to review these large systems and facilities and identify opportunities to improve the campus environment. Most of these improvements can be funded through the use of energy saving performance contracts allowing the university to immediately realize savings.

Find out how we can help you achieve remarkable energy savings.