Energy Efficiency Program Delivery

Implement innovative approaches to energy efficiency programs.

Leidos designs, implements, and manages performance-based energy efficiency and demand-side management programs across the U.S., from Hawaii to New York.


A Pioneering Leader in Energy Efficiency

Leidos has been an industry leader in the energy efficiency industry for more than 30 years, providing innovative solutions and progressive approaches to saving energy. Our full-service, turnkey energy efficiency and demand-side management program administration services have earned several awards from industry associations and the Climate Change Business Journal. Leidos has developed programs for utilities, state agencies, municipalities, and commercial entities with the same goals in mind: to provide an approach to energy efficiency and demand-side management programs that balances incentive levels, operational costs, and energy savings.

Leidos offers:

  • Proven savings – Real energy savings verified through third-party M&V contractors
  • Integrated approaches – Extensive capabilities beyond energy efficiency including technical analyses, policy guidance, and renewable integration
  • Real-time data management – Real-time application processing systems allow for more effective program management budgets and participation rates
  • Exceptional data analytics – Reviews of customer energy data and identification of the most compelling opportunities for energy efficiency

All of our programs deliver:

  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Ease of use and exceptional customer service
  • Technical acumen and engineering accuracy
  • Innovative solutions to maximize results

We can help you achieve remarkable energy savings.

Find out how.