Enterprise Energy Management

Plan your energy future.

Armed with domain knowledge, controls expertise, and a true integrator approach, Leidos partners with clients to maximize enterprise-wide energy savings.


Enterprise Energy Management

At Leidos, we provide energy management solutions that meet the full range of our clients’ energy concerns, regardless of complexity. We focus on generating results that help our clients leverage future opportunities and support sustainable solutions. Leidos designs, implements, and manages effective energy programs that improve our clients’ financial performance, competitive advantage, and market reputations.

Real-Time Energy Commissioning

Real-Time Energy Commissioning

Safeguard energy investments.

Many companies reap the initial benefits of an energy efficiency project but enhancements are often performed as a one-time activity. Over time, system performance degrades when the initial configuration is not modified to adapt to facility changes. Savings obtained from the initial energy investment are quickly lost.

Leidos real-time energy commissioning service helps clients optimize and maintain their energy savings. Armed with enterprise-wide, web-based analytic tools that integrate with a client’s energy systems, Leidos continuously evaluates operating conditions to reduce energy consumption while increasing facility energy efficiency. Leidos’ key service areas include:

  • Remote assessment and off site monitoring
  • On site real-time commissioning
  • Project implementation
  • Equipment optimization
  • Trending and reporting
  • Help desk and troubleshooting
  • Enterprise Energy Dashboard (E2D) software tool


Enterprise Energy Dashboard

Energy Analytics and Dashboards

Achieve real-time energy savings.

Leidos combines energy data and operational information into a cohesive, web-based solution to help reduce costs and streamline operations for our clients. Our Enterprise Energy Dashboard (E2D) integrates with and complements existing energy management and control systems, regardless of the hardware or software manufacturer. Unlike a traditional energy management system which only flags system failures, the E2D tracks metrics, sorts them by their scorecard status, and identifies energy inefficiencies. The E2D delivers an analytic and reporting gateway that allows energy managers to focus resources on resolving the energy issues that provide the greatest cost reduction and operation efficiency.


Energy Management and Control System Graph

Energy Management and Metering Systems

Automate energy operations.

At Leidos, we integrate energy metering, monitoring, and control systems into a single, streamlined solution. We enable clients to obtain consistent and predictable control of systems and equipment to generate energy savings within their facilities. Leidos has developed and implemented several methodologies and solutions that are integrated into our energy management systems that aid in pushing responsibility and accountability to the facility personnel level; provide constant, consistent, and predictable control of system operation; and ultimately generate cost savings for facility energy usage. Our focus on using best practices and open protocols generates reliable and actionable information that is configured to best meet the specific needs of our clients.


csia certified

Facility Control Systems

Control your future.

Leidos leverages its unique combination of instrumentation, controls, and systems integration expertise to provide unified solutions that improve system productivity, reliability, and optimization. Our control system expertise enables us to support complex projects at the most fundamental level of hardware and control logic, while coordinating integration with additional in-house engineering disciplines.

Leidos possesses a wide range of design capabilities and delivery methods to meet our clients’ demanding project requirements. We focus on providing solutions to improve business processes, reduce costs, accelerate response time, improve services to end users, and give our clients a competitive edge.


Flow of Cost Savings and Payments

Energy Savings Performance Contracts

Finance a sustainable future.

Energy savings performance contracts (ESPCs) are an innovative and cost-effective way to help finance capital improvements. Leidos utilizes ESPCs to finance and implement turnkey projects by leveraging savings generated from energy efficient upgrades to fund the project. We use a systematic approach to deliver capital projects that generate significant cost savings from production efficiencies, maintenance savings, and reduced energy consumption. Our innovative energy-saving projects incorporate LEED®-certified design and energy-efficiency strategies, including geothermal, photovoltaic, innovative waste heat recovery solutions, and thermal storage technologies.