Project Finance & Development

Advance project finance, development, and operations.

Strong decisions are made from solid information and many viewpoints. Leidos’ perspectives on the interconnected technical, environmental, and commercial aspects of projects help investors and developers distinguish between imperatives and distractions.

Expert Advice and Commitment to Objectivity

Leidos applies technical, commercial, and environmental expertise to advise the owners and developers of capital-intensive energy assets and the lenders and investors financing the industry. Our capabilities cut across all electric generation technologies, biofuels, oil and gas infrastructure, transmission and distribution, and emerging energy storage and conversion solutions.

Leidos’ services fulfill critical requirements for project development, finance, acquisition, ownership, and operation. The common thread among them is the understanding and management of risk so that our clients gain the insights they need to make sound business decisions.

  • Independent Engineering. From pre-finance reviews through construction and startup and into operations, Leidos uncovers the risks most critical to our clients' investments and determines effective mitigation strategies.
  • Market Consulting. Applying advanced studies, proprietary modeling, and forecasts, Leidos enhances understanding of how market drivers impact the value and competitiveness of assets.
  • Transmission Analysis. Leidos’ transmission curtailment studies and congestion risk assessments support generation development and effective power delivery.
  • Owner’s Engineering and Advisory. Leidos works with developers and owners to develop assets and manage capital programs, offering the assurance that projects are planned, contracted, and executed as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Transaction Due Diligence 

Due diligence is our core business. Whether for finance or M&A, the depth of our capabilities results in a clear view of the viability and bankability of each project or company. Our independent engineering, market consulting, and transmission analysis services support pivotal decisions at any point in the transaction or debt term. Leidos identifies the most essential issues so investors and sponsors have the information and time to address the risks most material to their interests.

Our due diligence takes into account the different types of investors involved in any given deal – the information they require, their decision-making timelines, their appetites for risk, their motivations and concerns. Simply put, our goal is to support transactions that create value for our clients.

A leading technical advisor in the independent power industry since its inception, Leidos has chalked up many notable achievements over the decades.

Leidos Energy Industry Leader

Powering Energy Diversity

Leidos’ expertise extends across virtually all generation technologies and includes infrastructure for power delivery, oil and gas, and manufacturing.

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