Owner's Engineering and Advisory

Strategies and advice for successful project execution.

Leidos provides results-oriented planning and strategic management so owners and developers can make the best decisions for their projects and operations.

Advocate for Project Success

Independent power producers, utilities, industrials, and other developers are accountable for the successful execution of projects that cost many millions of dollars. They require the assurance that projects are planned, contracted, implemented, and managed as efficiently and effectively as possible.  Leidos partners with owners through the development lifecycle, working to assure completion of key project milestones, identify and minimize risk, and optimize performance.

Leidos advises owners on the wide range of factors that bear upon a project’s success, including siting, environmental compliance, technology, design and construction, contracts and agreements, and operations and maintenance.   Our staff members’ unique backgrounds as owners and contractors allows us to anticipate and confront potential challenges and their ramifications on budgets, schedules, and other construction activities. Our services are scalable and flexible, ranging from integrated staff support, to the execution of discrete tasks along the critical path, to complete project administration.  These services are structured to provide owners with the appropriate project management guidance and advice while assuring that project design engineers and constructors are held accountable for their work.

Leidos’ areas of responsibility often extend beyond the energy production facility for a given project, including electric interconnection, electric transmission, fuel supply and handling, water supply, wastewater disposal, and solid waste disposal.  Leidos’ technical capabilities span all of these resource areas, providing owners the necessary expertise to plan and implement projects.

Leidos' services address the unique needs of each owner and project.

  • Planning and feasibility studies
  • Site assessment and evaluation
  • Concept engineering and technical reviews
  • Environmental permitting and compliance
  • Procurement specifications, bidding, and contracting
  • Capital cost estimates and schedule development
  • Major system design review
  • Construction management and monitoring
  • Project startup and testing



Powering Energy Diversity

Leidos’ expertise extends across virtually all generation technologies and includes infrastructure for power delivery, oil and gas, and manufacturing.