Incentive Capture Management

Maximize the return on efficiency investments.

Prioritize energy efficiency projects across North America with a detailed analysis of incentives, payback periods, and energy savings.



Last year there were more than $10 billion of incentives available for energy efficiency projects across the United States and Canada. However, these incentives are primarily administered by thousands of local and regional utilities. For businesses with hundreds or even thousands of locations, coordination of these incentives is a major challenge.

AMPLIFY™ is an energy management platform that can process, validate, and track incentive program applications for commercial and industrial energy efficiency projects. It catalogs current rebate opportunities from more than 3,000 utilities so that companies can almost instantly run scenarios to identify which efficiency projects will garner the most rebates, highest energy savings, or fastest payback periods.

Proven Results

Commercial and industrial companies have tested AMPLIFY™, and it has delivered.

  • Verified 750,000 MWh in annual energy savings
  • Validated more than 12,000 commercial equipment applications
  • Approved $120 million in incentives


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