Asset Management

Optimize your asset management efforts.

Utilize Roames® technology to efficiently verify, assess, and manage every asset in your system.


Unparalleled accuracy. Actionable information.

Leidos leverages large-scale, precise, and detailed data capture and processing technologies to support a variety of asset-related programs for utilities.

Utilizing the Roames 3D virtual world service, Leidos offers asset management services that enable utilities to accurately identify and verify all system assets, including precise locations and asset health. By assessing and monitoring the location and condition of assets, and determining if they meet defined business requirements, then maintenance, replacement and build-out programs can be prioritized to mitigate risk and efficiently utilize constrained budgets.

Utilities can oversee their network assets and manage risks from the same platform, thus working with a single version of truth of their network data. And, the 3D virtual world platform increases spatial awareness of the network.

What is Roames Technology?

Roames technology, provided by Leidos, helps utilities to accurately survey and manage their entire network by capturing detailed asset information and utilizing business rules customized to each utility’s needs and priorities.

Originally developed by a utility to provide reliable vegetation and asset management, Roames technology allows a utility to remotely investigate the condition and performance of their overhead line network, assess their assets, and optimize their maintenance and capital expenditure programs. The Roames 3D virtual world service enables a utility to observe, model, and simulate all assets on a network, as well as the surrounding physical and natural environments.

A proven solution, Roames has been replicated globally and is servicing hundreds of thousands of miles of overhead power line annually.

Benefits of the Roames Asset Management Solution

Utilizing Roames technology, utilities reap the benefits through:

  • Enterprise-wide solution
  • Increased accuracy through advanced data capture
  • Greater efficiency through machine learning
  • Actionable information through proven business case algorithms
  • Immediate and portable use through web-based applications
  • Increased clarity through advanced 3D virtual world viewing technology
  • Scalability through design
  • Reliability and safety through precise and up-to-date network monitoring
  • Cost-effectiveness through increased business efficiencies
  • Risk reduction through detailed, actionable insights
  • Streamlined decision-making


Roames combines precise data collection with advanced machine learning, cloud-based analytics, and advanced business case algorithms to provide utilities with more than good data:
Roames provides immediately actionable information.


Let’s discuss a new approach to asset management.