Vegetation Management

Transform your vegetation management operations.

Leverage Roames® technology to reduce costs, improve decision-making, and deliver immediate value.


Detailed Information, Actionable Results

Leidos leverages large-scale, precise, and detailed data capture and processing technologies to support a variety of asset-related programs for utilities, including vegetation management. 

You want a single version of truth when it comes to the location of your system assets and the management of the vegetation surrounding those assets. LiDAR and GIS are helpful tools, but do not provide the precise level of information or accuracy that enable condition-based decision-making, rather than cycle-based.

What is Roames Technology?

Originally developed by a utility to provide reliable vegetation and asset management, Roames technology allows a utility to remotely investigate the condition and performance of their overhead line network in order to optimize vegetation maintenance programs. The Roames 3D virtual world service enables a utility to observe, model, and simulate all assets on a network, as well as the surrounding physical and natural environments.

A proven solution, Roames has been replicated globally and is servicing hundreds of thousands of miles of overhead power line annually.

Utilizing Roames technology, utilities reap the benefits through:

  • Increased accuracy through advanced data capture
  • Greater efficiency through machine learning
  • Actionable information through proven business case algorithms
  • Immediate and portable use through web-based applications
  • Increased clarity through advanced 3D virtual world viewing technology
  • Scalability through design
  • Reliability and safety through precise and up-to-date network monitoring
  • Cost-effectiveness through increased business efficiencies
  • Risk reduction through detailed, actionable insights

Benefits of the Roames Solution for Vegetation Management

Utilizing Roames technology, utilities can:

  • Reduce risk
  • Lower costs
  • Increase safety
  • Increase accuracy
  • Streamline decision-making


Utilities are now implementing more effective ways to assess risk and prioritize vegetation management treatment cycles instead of relying on a time-based approach. This new approach is risk-informed and condition-based.


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