Volatile Organic Compound Mitigation

Proven, economical approach to VOC removal.

By generating electrical power and repurposing waste heat, Leidos offers a solution that can provide from 1MW to 10MW+ of useable electrical energy.


VOC Mitigation and Abatement

Manufacturing and industrial companies that generate volatile organic compounds (VOCs) as part of their process are required to mitigate or abate the VOCs. A commonly applied approach to mitigation/abatement is through the use of a thermal oxidizer, but this approach uses energy, is expensive to maintain, and often wastes 100 percent of the energy used to destroy the VOC exhaust steam.

Leidos offers a newly patented, energy efficient system that does not require a thermal oxidizer. Leidos’ patented technology uses combined heat and power (CHP) gas-fired internal combustion engines to destroy the VOCs by introducing the VOCs into the combustion air. The VOCs are destroyed in the reciprocating engine at high temperatures and high pressure, and waste heat from the engine is recovered for use in the manufacturing process.


  • Economically viable solution
  • Supports corporate goals of sustainment, green, environmental policies
  • Provides a net reduction in greenhouse gasses
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Tax efficient
  • Utility rebates and incentives in some markets
  • Avoids peak charges by managing electrical loads more efficiently
  • Increases up time for key electrical loads in the facility


Our patented VOC/CHP solution turns energy waste into electrical generation.




Through extensive validation testing, Leidos demonstrated that 16 industrial VOCs commonly found in manufacturing and industrial processes had a higher destruction rate than that achieved with a thermal oxidizer.

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