Keep Pace with the Transforming Energy Market

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Matthew Bell is a senior civil/structural project engineer experienced in a wide range of civil engineering projects. With 24 years of experience, 12 in the power delivery industry, Matthew brings extensive knowledge in site development for electric utility infrastructure, as well as past experience in healthcare, commercial, industrial, residential, and hotel/resort facilities. He has been involved in the planning and designing of roadways, aircraft facilities, transportation projects, and wastewater treatment facilities.

The strength, size and duration of storms in recent years, as well as the new paths they take, mean that the accuracy of flood maps can constantly be called into question in light of current weather patterns. In the last decade, the US has experienced several extraordinary weather conditions. This means that utility companies are faced with serious challenges in keeping the power on, protecting their facilities, and reinstating services after big storms. While we’ve addressed grid modernization and resiliency measures in previous blog posts, severe weather also poses significant hurdles related to the civil design of utility infrastructure, including substation sites, exposed or enclosed equipment, and secondary oil containment systems.

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