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In 2016, more than $10 billion in incentives were available as part of commercial energy efficiency programs across the U.S. and Canada. These incentives, which are primarily self-administered by approximately 3,300 utilities, all have varying requirements and specific stipulations to qualify. For businesses with multiple locations spanning multiple utility territories, managing the incentive qualifications, submission process, and payments can be complicated.

To help companies assess and manage incentives, Leidos developed AMPLIFY™ -- a tool that enables businesses to identify the energy efficiency savings that offer the best bang for their buck. Backed by a massive database of information documenting the complex network of utility energy efficiency incentive programs, AMPLIFY identifies the best options for each company that will result in the greatest savings in the shortest payback period. 

This approach to tracking and managing energy efficiency incentive programs is so much more advanced than traditional manual tracking processes that Leidos pursued a patent for the tool.  A patent for the tool was awarded by the U.S. Patent Office in late 2017.

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Eric Fontaine has more than two decades of management consulting, reporting, and information systems experience. His expertise includes managing energy efficiency call centers and associated processing and technical assessment teams. He provides oversight of the AMPLIFY™ application management platform design. He earned both his MBA and bachelor’s in business from the University of Rochester.