Integrated Energy Management

Reduce energy use and improve operating efficiencies.

As a single-source integrator of energy management programs and services across all industries, Leidos offers new insights into improving both energy and manufacturing efficiencies.


A Comprehensive Approach to Energy Management

The dimensions of energy management are expansive. The opportunities available and strategies suited for commercial buildings differ from those needed for the factory floor which, in turn, are not the same as those to be found in the residential or institutional sectors. With more than three decades in energy management, Leidos has expertise fine-tuned for the unique requirements and expectations of the broad spectrum of companies and organizations that partner with us.

Leidos’ utility, institutional, commercial, and industrial clients are motivated not just by the bottom line, but by a vision of possibility in extending resources, improving processes, and saving energy. We work with utilities to reduce customer energy use and demand through the turnkey design, implementation, and management of results-driven energy efficiency programs. A pioneer in energy efficiency, Leidos has a rich history of incentivizing residential, commercial, and industrial customers to implement energy-saving measures. Our program delivery is backed up by innovative processes and secure systems to track, refine, and verify the benefits accrued.

For industrial and commercial clients, we generate significant cost savings by improving effectiveness and efficiency in processes, facilities, and business practices. Leidos helps monetize energy savings through performance contracts and optimize those savings over the long-term through real-time commissioning and data analytics. Our capabilities in energy management are complemented by expertise in manufacturing systems integration, production control systems, and production quality control and monitoring systems.

For our institutional customers, including government buildings, universities, and hospitals, we help develop and implement strategies for central plant and facility upgrades. Our team of experts conducts preliminary assessments and investment-grade audits to identify potential energy-saving measures and provides project financing through an energy-saving performance contract. The impact and savings are immediate.

Leidos' integrated energy management services span these areas:

Energy Efficiency Program Delivery for Utilities

  • Energy efficiency program design and implementation
  • Industrial energy efficiency program management
  • Strategic energy management
  • Volt/VAR optimization

Enterprise Energy Management for Commercial and Industrial

  • Energy savings performance contracts
  • Real-time energy commissioning
  • Energy analytics and dashboards
  • Energy management and metering systems
  • Facility control systems

Flexible Manufacturing Systems for Increased Efficiencies

  • Assembly management systems (AMS)
  • Andon systems

Incentive Capture Management

EEPD Services

Energy Efficiency Program Delivery

Leidos designs, implements, and manages performance-based energy efficiency and demand-side management programs across the United States. Over the past 30 years, Leidos has developed programs for utilities, state agencies, municipalities, and commercial entities with the same goals in mind: to provide an approach to energy efficiency and demand-side management programs that balances incentive levels, operational costs, and energy savings.


Enterprise Energy Management

Enterprise Energy Management

Leidos designs, implements, and manages end-to-end energy programs that improve your enterprise’s financial performance, competitive advantage, and market reputation. These solutions leverage advanced controls and automation, innovative analytics, integrated functionality, and cost-effective financing to optimize energy savings over the life of your investment.



Incentive Capture Management Amplify

Incentive Capture Management

Each year, more than 3,000 utilities across North America offer billions of dollars in energy efficiency rebates to their commercial and industrial customers. For businesses with hundreds or even thousands of locations, identifying, tracking, and acting upon these incentives across multiple utility territories can be a significant challenge. Leidos has developed AMPLIFY™ as an energy management platform that can process, validate, and track incentive program applications for energy efficiency projects across the U.S. and Canada.

Flexible Manufacturing Systems

Flexible Manufacturing Systems

The most agile and standardized manufacturing environments synthesize smart systems and intelligent people. Leidos offers Flexible Manufacturing Systems that integrate business systems with the plant floor for seamless management across an enterprise and that connect people with technology so they can better understand operations and respond faster.