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Leidos delivers cost-effective solutions that incorporate a culture of compliance, internal controls, audit readiness, and risk-based assessments.


Comprehensive NERC Solutions

Identifying and allocating resources to comply with the evolving North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) Reliability Standards can be complex and overwhelming. To help alleviate these administrative burdens, Leidos offers a full range of services from performing procedural reviews to managing a client’s NERC Compliance Program, either on-site or remotely.

NERC compliance is generally divided into two distinct topic areas – planning and operations, and critical infrastructure protection – each with an associated group of standards. Maintaining compliance requires a realistic balance between a utility’s operations, planning, and oversight/business-related functions. Leidos’ streamlined, coordinated compliance management approach helps a utility put in place the policies and practices that address NERC compliance while still maintaining operational efficiency.

Leidos offers sophisticated technical expertise combined with proven experience in implementing, reviewing, and improving NERC reliability compliance programs and procedures for clients nationwide. Our expertise is broad, and encompasses a full slate of capabilities, services, and knowledge to support a full range of NERC-related requirements.

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Leidos has significant experience with the identification and resolution of NERC compliance issues combined with expertise in cybersecurity communications.

Let us show you how Leidos’ experience in NERC compliance delivers the assurance you need to protect your operation, your assets, and the delivery of power to your customers.

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