SCADA and Communications

Use modern communication technologies to promote operational efficiency.

One-stop solution for every stage of SCADA implementation or smart grid deployment.


Address Current Challenges with Flexibility for Future Demands

Utilities face radical operational change as they transition legacy infrastructure to a communication-enabled grid. To help navigate the magnitude and complexity of a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) implementation or a smart grid initiative, Leidos offers a reliable, one-stop solution.

Our solutions feature high availability, reliability, and security that helps promote operational efficiency and excellence. Leidos’ solutions address current problems while providing additional flexibility to accommodate future demands and technology advancements.

Leidos understands the need to vet technology and develop standards prior to embarking on large implementation projects. Our professionals have deep domain knowledge of customer operations, systems, and security requirements in both corporate and operations information technology (IT) arenas, which allows us to support critical and confidential activities such as database development, information management, and system installation and maintenance.

Expertise In Action

Leidos is working with a large northwestern investor-owned utility’s federally funded and internal smart grid initiatives to help identify and focus investments based on cybersecurity risks, challenges, and compliance requirements, and information assurance across the smart grid program.

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Leidos provides project management, operations integration, and implementation support.

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