Transmission Line Design

Face transmission challenges head on.

Whether looking to add new transmission lines or maintain the assets already in place, utilities turn to Leidos – an industry leader in power design and engineering. Contact us to learn how we can meet the unique needs of your project.


Technical Expertise + Project Management Knowledge

Leidos offers proven project experience in both AC and DC and a portfolio representing some of the largest transmission projects in the United States. For investor-owned utilities, municipalities and cooperatives, and developers alike, we provide greenfield design, brownfield rebuilds and modifications, and thermal evaluation and uprate projects.

With significant experience designing and optimizing transmission projects from 46 kV through 500 kV, Leidos offers its clients the ability to produce and deliver high-quality engineered designs while adhering to project schedule and cost expectations. Our clients value Leidos’ combination of technical expertise and project management knowledge; they are confident in our ability to meet the requirements and challenges presented by even the most complex projects.

Flexible Solutions

We offer flexibility in our project approach, with multiple options that best meet our clients’ needs.

  • Engineering partner
  • Owner’s engineer
  • On sight engineering
  • EPC
  • Construction inspection

Custom Solutions for Unique Transmission Challenges

Substation Design and Engineering

New Line Development

Leidos brings over 70 years of new transmission line development and project management experience in support of both investor-owned and municipal utility growth goals. We use the latest technologies and sophisticated design tools to address varying project requirements – from simple to complex terrain, from basic to the latest FERC 1000 Extra High Voltage (EHV) pursuits, and from feasibility studies to final designs.

distribution line design

Line Upgrades

Aging infrastructure, changing load flows, system reliability requirements, and permitting challenges are all drivers in upgrading existing transmission line infrastructure to extend asset life and increase capacity. Leidos has broad experience in upgrading existing transmission lines for voltages from 69 kV to 345 kV.

transmission line design

Underground Transmission Lines

Increasingly limited rights-of-way, congested city locations, reliability constraints, and aesthetic concerns can make it difficult for a utility to construct overhead lines. With underground transmission line experience in all phases – from concept to energization – Leidos provides the needed expertise when underground distribution is the solution.

SCADA and Communications

Maintenance Programs

In addition to design and engineering services for capital programs, Leidos also provides maintenance programs to help keep existing infrastructure in service and identify and implement timely replacement plans. Leidos’ expert staff provides field inspections of assets and condition assessments to prioritize replacements and/or model in situ structure conditions. We work with our clients to create system-wide plans to extend the useful life of assets, and develop capital plans for necessary replacements.

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